Through Educators 4 Excellence-New York, over 7,000 members across all five boroughs are working to put the needs of New York's 1.5 million students first. As the founding chapter of Educators 4 Excellence, its members work to bring teachers' voices to the local and state levels.


Meaningful and Fair: Improving Due Process and Tenure for New York Teachers and Students

As school districts, education leaders and New York’s courts debate the future of teacher tenure, check out recommendations from a team of E4E-New York members that aim to preserve job protections, but make tenure designations far more meaningful. 

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2015 State of the Classroom

As New York's governor outlines priorities for the year, a new report from E4E-New York highlights areas of education that are critical for the state to focus on this year.

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None of the Above: A new approach to testing and assessment

Check out the newest E4E-New York Teacher Policy Team paper, which offers ways New York State and local districts can improve the design, culture, teaching, and accountability systems associated with testing. 

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